Who Are We


Hi!  If you’re new here, welcome to the Laramie Foster Closet!

We’re Alan and Jenni Vazqueztell.  We’re your run of the mill, average Laramie residents.  We moved here from Florida 6 months ago and we love it!  Laramie is a special town that has a big place in our hearts.  Being former foster parents ourselves, our passion is helping foster parents take care of their foster children the best they can.  In our case that means taking donated new and like new items and giving them to foster families for free.

The truth:  we love community.  And we firmly believe that when you meet people and love them where they are, God can do great things in their lives.  That’s what God has done for us and we love to show that to others.  We believe actions are better than words.  And Laramie Foster Closet is a product of that.

So, in conclusion, our door is always open, our phones are always on.  If you’re interested in fostering, we’ll get you connected to the right people.  If you have questions about fostering or if you’re just curious, we’re eager to dispel some myths and make a new friend.  If you’re a foster parent having a hard day, guess what?  We’d love to meet with you, have a phone chat, pray for you, or help you find resources.  And if you want to volunteer, we’re super excited to work beside you so that we can improve life for the foster families of Laramie.

We can’t wait to meet you!