Ways to Donate

Throughout the year we have different projects and different ways people can get involved, but we are also in need of other donations throughout the year. Because of your giving we are be able to take community donations, stock them in a shopping environment, and provide a calming and uplifting environment for youth that have experienced trauma such as neglect and abuse.

Current Projects:

2nd Room at the civic center: We are getting ready to expand into a second room at the Laramie Plain Civic Center so that we can help more children in foster care. As such we need the help of:

  • Carpenters/”Handy Man”: To build storage shelves
  • Donations of Materials: feel free to reach out to us if you would like to know what material we are in need of
  • Monetary donations: To cover building materials we need for the storage shelves.

Yearly Need:

Donate Money: Laramie Foster Closet relies on the generosity of the community to help these children. Without community support, Laramie Foster Closet couldn’t exist. Donate securely through Paypal HERE.

Purchase items we are in need of: Due to government regulations we are in constant need of specific items as these items needs to be purchased brand new. If you would like to purchase any of these items for us, we have created an Amazon wish list that you can access here.

Donate Time: If you would like to volunteer for a shift at Laramie Foster Closet, please submit the following form or send us an email at laramiefostercloset@gmail.com