Punkin’ Chunkin’ Team Registration

Please read the rules carefully before submitting registration for the Chunkin Team further down on this page.

The Pumpkin Chuckin Competition is broken up into 3 divisions:

  1. Little Chucker
    • Age: 14 and under
    • Max height: can not exceed 41”.
    • Projectile: 3 pound pumpkin
  2. Mini gourd Soaring Squash
    • Age: High School Division
    • Max height: 15ft
    • Projectile: 5 pound pumpkin
  3. Huge Hurlers
    • Age: Open to all ages
    • Max height: no limit
    • Projectile: 8-10 pound pumpkin

General Rules

  1. A registration fee of $50 is required for each team. Each $50 team registration fee goes into a cash pot for the winner of the competition. In addition, over $3k in prizes will be given to first, second, and third place teams.
  2. All teams must select a team captain. The captain is responsible for all discussions with the safety committee.
  3. Judging, safety marshaling, and cleanup shall be organized, set up and implemented by LFC. LFC will provide the judges and spotters to score the competition and will staff the Safety and Rules Committee.
  4. All teams must have paid their registration fee and have a team roster submitted to the Safety and Rules Committee by the day prior to the actual event.
  5. Rules are subject to revision at the discretion of the safety committee. All team captains will be notified of changes by email, and teams will be held to the standards of the highest rules revision, which will be kept current on the LFC website.
  6. Prizes or trophies will be awarded to the teams that place the highest in each category of the two events. Other prizes maybe given out based on the number of teams registered at the discretion of the competition organizers.
  7. There is no limit to the number of members on a team. However, to be on the firing line with the machine or to fire a machine, the team member must be listed on the team roster and have a signed an LFC liability waiver. No more than five members will be allowed on the firing line immediately around the machine at any given time.
  8. A safety inspection of the machine must be completed during the morning of the event. Any safety flaws or potentially disqualifying issues will be pointed out to the team so that they may be corrected for the event. See item “Safety Rules: #15” for more information.
  9. All rulings by the judges or the Safety and Rules Committee are final. The team captain may request an explanation of any decision.
  10. All pumpkins fired must remain intact until they impact the ground to obtain an official measurement. Spotters will mark the location where the pumpkin initially landed and will disregard any bouncing or rolling afterward.
  11. No part of the machine shall cross the firing line.
  12. Pumpkins are not to be altered in any way.
  13. Pumpkins will weigh between 5 and 8lbs, but this value is subject to change depending on the availability of pumpkins.
  14. Pumpkins will be provided by the teams and officially weighed by judges before the event.
  15. Each time must perform two practice safety shots before the event for the Safety Committee.

Competition Scoring

  1. There will be two different events: distance and accuracy. Each team will be given three (3) shots during each part of the competition. A team may choose to participate in only one of the two events; however, such intent must be expressed to the competition organizers before the beginning of the competition.
  2. Rounds for the distance competition will be completed first. Each team will have three (3) shots to launch in this category and will be ranked in order of longest shot with all ties will be broken with the efficiency rating of the longest shot. The efficiency rating will be calculated by dividing the distance of the longest shot by the measured amount of force [see “Machine Rules – 6]. An award will also be presented for the most efficient machine based on the team’s longest toss and maximum potential energy.
  3. Rounds for the accuracy competition will be completed second. On the day of the competition, a target will be set between eighty (80) and one hundred twenty (120) feet forward from the firing line. Each team may request a distance measurement from their firing station to the target. Teams will have three (3) shot attempts to land a pumpkin as close to the target as possible. Distances will measured radially from the center of the target. All ties will be broken with a precision rating of the three shots, calculated as the standard deviation of the distances from the target of all 3 shots in the event. An award will also be presented for the most precise machine based on the lowest standard deviation in distance between throws.
  4. Each time an alteration is made to the machine between throws (including, but not limited to: inclusion of additional counterweights, alteration of firing mechanism, etc.), the team must alert the competition organizers as well as the safety committee because of the possible ramifications on round scoring.

Safety Rules

  1. No compressed air, combustion systems, or explosives may be used.
  2. The Safety and Rules Committee has the final say on consequences if rules are broken. Decisions will be relayed to the team captain. There will be ZERO TOLERANCE for those who break safety rules.
  3. Machines may not chunk until the safety committee inspects and deems them safe by the Punkin Chunkin Safety & Rules standards. Any alterations after inspection will require another inspection before firing. The safety committee may ask the team captain to test-fire their machine during inspection to ensure the machine is safe enough to compete.
  4. Cease-fire: No machine may fire after a cease-fire has been ordered. If a machine is primed at such time, contact the safety committee, so it can be safely discharged. All team members must follow the instructions of safety committee.
  5. The safety committee reserves the right to request a team captain dismantle any portion his or her team’s machine to inspect for rule violations.
  6. All team captains must sign the field roster stating that they have received, read, and understand the rules of the Punkin Chunkin. This sheet will be on the field and will be kept by the head of the safety committee. If the sheet it is not signed, the team cannot chunk.
  7. Only spotters and Safety and Rules Committee members will be allowed on the landing field. No team members or spectators will be allowed forward of the firing line during the competition. There will be a minimum perimeter of 30 feet maintained around the expected downrange landing site of the pumpkins.
  8. Any machine found to have structural defects will be prohibited from chunking until repaired and re-inspected by a member of the safety committee.
  9. Eye protection to be worn by all fire line personnel in pit when firing; each team captain will be responsible for ensuring that his/her team complies with this rule.
  10. All cables and cable clamps must be sized and installed properly. Any shackles on a machine must have a safety tie on the pin to prevent them from loosening.
  11. All machines must be able to be cocked by no more than two (2) individuals. No more will be permitted within ten feet of the machine while cocking and firing.
  12. All catapult and trebuchet machines must have a safety strap or mechanism to hold the throwing mechanism in case of misfire when loading. Team members are all responsible for making sure everyone stays clear of the machine in case of a misfire.
  13. Team Captains are responsible for clearing the area around and behind their machines during cocking or firing procedures. The Safety and Rules Committee is responsible for clearing the downrange area of the field of all people. A team will not be allowed to fire its machine until the area around and behind the machine is deemed clear by a safety officer.
  14. An air horn or sounding device must be blasted before each team’s toss. If the team does not have such a device, the safety committee will provide one. 15. The Safety and Rules Committee and competition organizers will arrange time on a day within the week preceding the event to provide a preliminary inspection. Each team will be told if the machine in its current state would pass a safety inspection; if the machine would not pass, the team will be told what changes are required so that it would pass inspection. The committee can also perform the force measurement that will be done on the day of the event to check compliance with rule “Machine Rules – 6” upon request.
  15. Pumpkins Must Not Be Altered including but not limited to: air ducts, wings, fins or any type of lubrication
  16. Youth teams must have a max of 8 team members, plus up to two advisor, in the pit at a time.
  17. All teams must have at least one member over the age of eighteen.
  18. No-one is allowed behind machines while they are launching.
  19. Advisors/ Team Captains are responsible for ensuring safety.
  20. All team members on field must have a waiver on file if under 18 waiver must be signed by guardian.
  21. Drugs and/or alcohol are not allowed
  22. Noncompliance of any team or team member with any competition rules, including un-sportsmanship is grounds for immediate disqualification on judges discretion.
  23. Height of trebuchet including throwing arm fully extended (the un-cocked height, straight up in the air) may not exceed limit .The sling and the cocking mechanism are not included in the height limit, so the sling may exceed the limit.
  24. No digging into the ground is permitted. Ground stakes, ropes, wires and straps are allowed and encouraged again for safety reasons.
  25. Winches or other electrical motors are allowed to cock a trebuchet. This is for safety reasons. If these devices are use they must be battery powered because there is not electric on the field.
  26. Safety must be observed at all times not only by the staff but by the teams themselves.
  27. Teams are responsible for the safety of their own team members as well as the safety of the pit next to you. Do not attempt actions that place your team or the teams around you at risk of injury.
  28. Communication with the judges and staff is critical for us to understand changes you intend to make throughout the day. The staff is here to help you play safe please communicate with them changes that could impact safe operation of your equipment.
  29. Machines must run with human and/or kinetic powered energy, which may include: counterweight, springs, bicycles, rubber bands, air, muscle, etc.
  30. No explosives, flames, or external water propulsion are allowed.
  31. HARD HATS AND EYE PROTECTION must be worn by all team members involved in launching of machine.
  32. All machines must have a SAFETY DEVICE made of chain, cable or bolts to prevent accidental launching.
  33. You are responsible for making sure everyone stays clear of your machine, in case of misfire.
  34. Personnel handling ropes or cable should wear gloves to prevent burns.
  35. Any machine found to have structural defects (load beams, firing pins, any load bearing members, supports or support systems or subsystems) will not be allowed to chuck until repaired and re-inspected by a member of the safety committee.
  36. WEIGHTS, STAKES, AND BRACES are all allowed and encouraged to immobilize machines for safety.
  37. Machines must be launched mechanically by a rope or other type of trigger. The trigger is the actual firing release. This must be released from a distance no less than 10 feet from the chucker.
  38. All launches should maintain a 30 degree field extending from directly behind and directly in front of the machine.
  39. NO LAG BOLTS are allowed in load bearing applications. Lag bolts are considered low and load bearing stress can fatigue the lag. Approved attachments are carriage, shoulder or hex head bolts with washers and backing plates.
  40. Machines may be disqualified for shooting straight up in the air.
  41. Entrants shall indemnify and hold harmless the Punkin Chunkin’ and its organizers and volunteers and agents and the owners/operators of the event host property, Albany County Fairgrounds, its employees and elected representatives, from and against any and all claims, demands, cause of action or liability resulting from injuries to any person or persons including death, or damage to any property arising out of a negligent act or omission by the entrants with the activities described herein.
  42. All members of the chucking team must sign waivers and/or release forms in order to participate.
  43. Team members under the age of 18 must have form signed by parent or guardian.
  44. No one will be allowed in the pit unless they have signed a waiver.
  45. Pumpkins Must Not Be Altered including but not limited to: air ducts, wings, fins or any type of lubrication

Machine Rules

  1. As per “Safety Rules #1”, no compressed air, combustion systems, or explosives may be used.
  2. No machine may use any external power source.
  3. Human power is not considered an external power source, and is permissible provided the safety of the operator is not jeopardized by the firing mechanism as determined by the safety committee. No operator may be located within the firing plane of the mechanism (e.g. directly behind a swing arm). Human power may not be used to generate more than 250lbs of potential energy, and any human-powered devices must be pre-approved by the safety committee.

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Thank you for your registration! We look forward to seeing you at Laramie Foster Closet’s Punkin’ Chunkin’ and Fall Festival 2019!

Punkin’ Chunkin’ Team Registration