The Difference We Make


“Laramie Foster Closet is a vital part of our community.  It supports our most vulnerable population.  It enables people to foster who need extra help to get licensed.  Our Department of Family Services struggles to keep foster parents.  It’s a very hard and thankless job.  You know the saying ‘it takes a village.’  It’s true.  By the community coming together to support these children, it helps sustain foster parents.  Instead of donating to your local Goodwill, please donate to Laramie Foster Closet.  It truly does change lives.”


I’ve wanted to foster for the longest time, but didn’t have the money to equip my house.  Laramie Foster Closet equipped our home with a nursery including a crib, mattress, dresser, changing table, sheets, baby clothing, a car seat and so much more.  Their support allowed me to become a foster parent and pass my home study.  But more than that, their positive attitudes and supportive outlook let me know that I had community.  I wouldn’t be fostering alone.  Thank you.”


I’ve talked myself out of fostering so many times.  Laramie Foster Closet took the time to meet with me, were realistic, and helped me understand the desperate need for foster families.  At the end of the day, I couldn’t not foster.  They cleared away all my fears and confirmed some, but assured me they’d help us along the way.  Now we can’t wait to receive our first placement and visit Laramie Foster Closet to get clothing!”