Help a Foster Family

Foster families need all the support they can get. Foster parenting is much more than loving on the kids (that’s the easy part). Often, it is the day-to-day hardships and complexities of working with a team of people within a government entity that is the biggest challenge.

Family visits, doctor appointments, school meetings, counseling, trainings, caseworker visits, emails, phone calls, reports, logs, and endless stacks of paperwork keep foster parents on their toes. A community supporting a foster family can lessen the burden. As a foster parent who is overwhelmed on my best days and hiding in my closet on the worst, I generally accept offers of help in any capacity. You don’t even have to be creative! Just ask if you can help with whatever it is you are good at or enjoy doing. Offer to do a particular task that you could do weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly:

  • You’re offering to mow our lawn? Okay!
  • Bring us a freezer meal or two? Oh my goodness, you have no idea how much that helps me on the tough days.
  • You want to fold laundry in my living room every Tuesday morning while you watch the Price is Right and drink a Mocha Frappe? That’s really specific . . . and I love it. Our laundry is your laundry!
  • You’re willing to read with our fourth grader for 20 minutes after school twice a week because you know the nightly reading battle is wreaking havoc on our relationship with her? Be careful, I might kiss you full on the mouth!

Committing to helping a foster family for even an hour a week can be the difference in a parent barely hanging on and finding the balance they need to be their best selves for their family.

If you would like to help one of our families send us an email at