Fostering Love

I have the distinct privilege of being an advocate for foster families.  It’s not something I take lightly, but it is something I am humbled to be able to do.  You see, we, Alan and I, we know that being a foster parent is hard work.  No day is predictable, no child can fully express what has happened to them…and that leads to behaviors.  It’s the day in and day out in the trenches that is frustrating, heartbreaking.  But we believe it’s not beyond hope.

The reason we are so passionate about foster closets is this…it is so important to be able to call someone, have them answer the phone, and have them ask what they can do for you.  It’s important to know you are supported, heard, and you can get what you need for the children in your care.  Because,you see, you are in a world where you are not the priority.  You are a caretaker to a child, you support the bio parent, you are the last priority of the justice system.  You as a foster parent… you serve.

And here at Laramie Foster Closet, we know that.  That’s why we’re here.  To serve you.  To meet your needs.  To shower your family with love.  Because even servants need to be served.


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