Our List of Miracles

When we left our home state of Florida last June, we knew God had spoken.  He wanted us to leave.  And so we did.  We had no clue where we would end up.  But God had a plan, as He always does.

Fast forward to September, we knew after traveling across the U.S., that God wanted us to make a home in Laramie.  Why?  We weren’t sure.  But again, God had a plan, as He always does.

Two months later, I called Department of Family Services just to see how long it would take to get our fostering license in Wyoming.  A week later, A DFS representative was in our home, our paperwork was filled out, and our license from Florida had transferred to Wyoming (a miracle for sure…that does not happen).  A week after that, we had our first placement.

But still there was this longing to do more.  Two weeks ago, I walked into a store in Laramie where I knew the owner and asked about foster clothing, knowing she had some on hand.  Then she told me she was closing.  The foster families she had helped for the past year would be without a foster closet because she would be closing at the end of February.

As a foster parent myself, I knew that a lot of families wouldn’t get licensed without a foster closet because it can be a huge financial setback every time a child comes into your home.  So, a lot of text messages, emails, and phone calls later…mostly with a special lady who is running her own foster closet in FL….we started on this journey.

In the two weeks since we started working on making the Laramie Foster Closet, God has moved mountains and opened doors.  I love writing down things God has done, so this list will be updated ongoing:


  1.  Cargo Container paid for a year by donor
  2. Space to put cargo container generously allowed by First Christian Church
  3. All 2x4s donated by Bloedorn Lumber
  4. A donor generously donated creating a logo for Laramie Foster Closet
  5. Two people from the community donated blackboards
  6. Two businesses agreed to be donation drop off stations
  7. Two businesses agreed to donate a bag of clothes each per month
  8. Two big blackboards were donated
  9. Over 700 hangers were donated by three amazing donors
  10. Friends from Florida are shipping us donations
  11. A business agreed to make t-shirts for us at cost
  12. We’ve been getting messages nonstop about donations
  13. One lady is storing and picking up items for us
  14. People have been signing up to offer their time, talent and tools to build on the closet on February 19th
  15. The store that is closing is taking their entire foster closet and donating it to help us stock ours
  16. Checks and gofundme donors have allowed us to buy what we need and help a few children who needed it badly
  17. We have currently raised over $800 dollars and because of ya’ll’s incredible generosity and donations, we get to use that money to help foster children in our area and reach them at their points of need.  More on this to come!

One thought on “Our List of Miracles

  1. God is so good. And you bless my heart and others as I watch you live out His love in the children you will foster. God bless you and your little family.

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